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Trail running the South Hill Bluffs

Temperatures in the 70s, balsamroots the best in years–there couldn’t be a better time to go trail running on Spokane’s South Hill Bluffs.
20150420-DSC_5549 20150420-DSC_5650 20150420-DSC_5678

Dishman Hills dusk

Late-evening sky over Big Rock, Dishman Hills Natural Area, Spokane, WA.20150414-DSC_5534

Rainbow run

Trail running under the rainbow on the new Cliffs trail in the Dishman Hills Natural Area, Spokane. This might be my favorite time of year to photograph: flowers are blooming and the sky is always full of springtime drama.20150408-DSC_5338

Spokane sunset

20141110-DSC_0699v2Our beautiful Spokane downtown at sunset yesterday.

Mountain biking Riverside State Park

I got away from the computer and the finishing touches on Day Hiking Mount St. Helens for a great mountain bike ride in Riverside State Park Sunday evening. The streaks in this shot are a result of a penstemon brushing against the lens as I jogged next to the rider–a happy accident!

Spokane’s Huntington Park

The view from brand-new Huntington Park in downtown Spokane. This park is a beautiful addition to 20140520-DSC_2852Spokane’s downtown.

Spokane River whitewater


Now’s prime time to “ride the bull” and ride the Bowl on the Spokane River! There’s some great whitewater in Riverside State Park, including Class III rapids at local landmark Bowl and Pitcher Area!