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More backcountry boarding the Idaho Panhandle

One more from backcountry skiing on the ID/MT border with the Panhandle Backcountry guys Saturday.

Backcountry skiing the Idaho Panhandle

20150228-DSC_5216Larry from Panhandle Backcountry┬ámaking the best of challenging conditions–and gorgeous weather–on the Idaho/Montana border on Saturday.

Mineral Ridge dusk

20141108-DSC_0655Dusk view from Mineral Ridge, north Idaho.

Mineral Ridge sunset – 2

20141108-DSC_0634Another view of north Idaho’s Lake Coeur d’Alene at sunset from the Mineral Ridge trail.

Mineral Ridge sunset

Sunset on north Idaho’s Lake Coeur d’Alene from the Mineral Ridge trail20141108-DSC_0646.

Priest Lake – Tule Bay

20141102-DSC_0281Tule Bay on the Lakeshore Trail, Priest Lake, north Idaho.

Priest Lake sunset

20141102-DSC_0513A late autumn sunset from Bottle Bay on Priest Lake, north Idaho.