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More Riverside State Park mountain biking


The flowers are blooming and the trails are not too dusty. Now’s a great time to ride!

Mountain biking Riverside State Park

I got away from the computer and the finishing touches on Day Hiking Mount St. Helens for a great mountain bike ride in Riverside State Park Sunday evening. The streaks in this shot are a result of a penstemon brushing against the lens as I jogged next to the rider–a happy accident!

Seeley Lake wetland

20140529-DSC_3214Lily pads float in a small wetland at the edge of Seeley Lake in western Montana.

Spokane’s Huntington Park

The view from brand-new Huntington Park in downtown Spokane. This park is a beautiful addition to 20140520-DSC_2852Spokane’s downtown.

Curly Creek Falls

20140515-DSC_2630Curly (or “Curley”, or “Curely”, depending on which sign you’re reading) Creek Falls flows into the Lewis River beneath a natural basalt arch formed by erosion. Check it out on the Lewis River trail, which will be featured in Day Hiking Mount St. Helens.

North Siouxon Creek

20140516-DSC_2684The North Siouxon Creek trail in southwest Washington’s Gifford Pinchot National Forest crosses dozens of seeps, streams and creeks, including this tiny trailside cascade. Get the scoop on this underrated route in Day Hiking Mount St. Helens, coming Spring 2015.

More Spokane River whitewater



The conditions are still pretty perfect for floating the Spokane River right now. Thanks to Pangaea River Rafting and their guests for being such great models!