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Steptoe Butte: above the fog

It was downright spring-like in the Palouse yesterday–parts of it, at least–with temps in the 40s and clear skies, so I went for a nice road ride. Afterward, I stopped at Steptoe Butte State Park and photographed these shots right at the fog line. If you’re desperate to see the sun after this weeklong inversion, Steptoe Butte is the place to go.



Spokane sunset

20140105-_DSC1158A sunset view of Spokane from Rimrock Conservation Area on the western edge of town.

Palouse cycling – 3

20140104-_DSC0949One last shot from Saturday of cycling the Palouse.

Palouse cycling – 2

20140104-_DSC0978Another shot from cycling in the Palouse on Saturday. Check out the upcoming Spring issue of Adventures NW for some of my favorite rides in the Palouse!

Palouse cycling

20140104-_DSC1109There may not be enough snow for winter activities, but the weather is great for biking–if you can put up with the cold! Thanks to my friend Kari for letting me get this shot today, for an upcoming feature on cycling the Palouse for Adventures NW magazine, while I stayed warm behind the lens.

Saddle Rock sunset

20131230-_DSC0905Sunset from Saddle Rock, in the Wenatchee foothills. If you’re looking for snow-free winter hiking in Washington, you’re in luck right now!

Golden triangle

20131224-_DSC0757Bunchgrass trio, Umatilla National Forest, southeast Washington.