Bull River Guard Station

The Bull River Guard Station was built in 1908 by Granville Gordon–childhood friend of Teddy Roosevelt, guide for Buffalo Bill Cody’s resort, and the first ranger stationed in the newly minted Cabinet National Forest (now part of the Kootenai National Forest). With his wife and three daughters, Gordon made the guard station the center of public life in the Bull River valley. Read more about Granville Gordon and his Forest Service outpost in my article in the May/June 2014 issue of Montana Magazine.

6 responses to “Bull River Guard Station

  1. The building looks to be in very good condition. I stopped there briefly a month ago. Great surroundings.

    • Yes, we’ve stayed there the last three New Year’s holidays. It’s a great little rental. I’d love to stay there sometime in the autumn; I think fall in the Bull River valley is one of the best around.

  2. Been looking at your photos of Glacier Country. These are absolutely amazing.

  3. We are staying here over the long weekend in May… so can’t wait for the serenity and fresh air! Thanks for the beautiful pics!

    • Enjoy! The Bull River Guard Station is one of my favorite of the FS rental properties, and the Bull River Valley is a really special place. Make sure to check out the Ross Creek Cedars!

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