Snyder Guard Station

20130330-_DSC0118In the summer, north Idaho’s Snyder Guard Station, a Forest Service ranger station-turned-rental guest house, is booked seven days a week, six months in advance. However, if you’re willing to put up with colder temps and no running water, it’s a great rental in the off-season, when it’ first-come, first-served–and this weekend we were its first guests since last November.

4 responses to “Snyder Guard Station

  1. love the ‘shooting’ stars this shot 🙂

  2. When did you take this photo?
    Looks great!

    -Jay, prior host of Snyder.

    • Thanks! I took that shot the night before Easter this year, so 3/31. Actually, I’m writing an article on staying at Snyder during the off-peak season, and I’d love to talk to a host. If you’re interested in being interviewed, feel free to contact me (my Contact page has my e-mail address). Thanks again,


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