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Balsamroot blooming on the Bluffs

20130426-_DSC0420Spokane’s High Drive Bluffs boast over 23 miles of hiking and biking trails within city limits. The balsamroots are at their peak right now. Get out there and enjoy the weekend!

Wenaha River – 2

20130420-_DSC0333Another view of the Wild & Scenic Wenaha River in northeast Oregon’s Umatilla National Forest.

Wenaha River

20130420-_DSC0334The Wenaha River trail in the Umatilla National Forest of northeast Oregon is one of the Inland Northwest’s best springtime hikes. The balsamroots are blooming right now. What’s your favorite springtime hike?

Swing into the weekend!

20130326-_DSC0491Who has outdoors adventures on their calendar this weekend?

Copper Falls

20130330-_DSC0006Idaho’s Copper Falls plunges 80 feet out of a rock notch into a cool forest just this side of the Canadian border. Accessible by a 0.8-mile interpretive trail, Copper Falls is a must-see stop for travelers in far north Idaho.

Moyie River

20130330-_DSC0111The Moyie River flows south out of British Columbia into north Idaho before pouring into the Kootenay River. “Moyie” derives from the name given the river by French-Canadian fur trappers which denoted the area’s wet conditions. This cedar-shaded river would not be out of place in the wet west side of the Cascades.

Snyder Guard Station

20130330-_DSC0118In the summer, north Idaho’s Snyder Guard Station, a Forest Service ranger station-turned-rental guest house, is booked seven days a week, six months in advance. However, if you’re willing to put up with colder temps and no running water, it’s a great rental in the off-season, when it’ first-come, first-served–and this weekend we were its first guests since last November.