Monthly Archives: November 2012

Upper Missouri River – 2

Missouri River, just upstream from where the Lewis & Clark expedition portaged around the Great Falls of the Missouri. About 1/8 mile away is Sulphur Spring, the waters of which reputedly healed Sacajewea. It was pretty amazing to be standing in such a history-rich spot.

Swan River National Wildlife Refuge

I took this shot a couple weeks ago but am only getting caught up on blog posts now. It never hurts to check out some fall color though!

Sluice Boxes State Park – 2

Another view of old Camp Don Bosco at Sluice Boxes State Park. Vandals have destroyed all but these two main buildings and a handful of small outbuildings. I took this shot about 10 minutes before sunrise; the lack of shadows emphasizes the ghostly feel of the area.

Sluice Boxes State Park

Camp Don Bosco, Sluice Boxes State Park, MT. My dad used to attend Boy Scout Camp here. The building in the foreground was the chapel.

Upper Missouri River

Dawn on the Missouri River downstream from the Morony Dam. From this point onward, the Missouri flows freely for over 200 miles into the Upper Missouri Breaks of east-central Montana.

Rocky Mountain Front

Storm over the Rocky Mountain Front near Choteau, MT. It was even windier than is typical for this area when I took this photo, which is saying a lot.