Wenaha Tucannon Wilderness – 1

Dusk over the Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness, SE Washington. I’ll be sharing numerous photos from the area this week. It’s a beautiful, wild and crowd-free place!

6 responses to “Wenaha Tucannon Wilderness – 1

  1. That certainly is a beautiful place. Love that view. Great photo!

  2. Beautiful photo. Very vibrant colors.
    One question: how was the weather early-July? Hot and dry?

    • Thanks! Yes, the weather was warm and dry, which is typical of the region in early summer. Last year the snowpack melted off late, but depending on snowpack, this trail can be hikable in mid-June.

      • Did you have any problems finding water? I’m planning a trip there in early July of this year and just trying to figure out what to prepare for – a Grand Canyon (in terms of water and heat) or Rogue River type of experience. Thank you.

      • There are numerous fairly reliable springs even at the highest elevations in the Wenaha-Tucannon, so water shouldn’t be a problem if you plan your stops accordingly. I highly recommend picking up a copy of my colleague Craig Romano’s book Backpacking Washington, which has a couple of the premier high-country routes in the Wilderness. Snow can linger at higher elevations (this photo was taken at ~6200 feet) until late June, but this year I would imagine things will melt off a little earlier. The wildflowers should be great in early July. Enjoy!

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