Rock Island Creek

I checked out the Rock Island Creek area on the Waterville Plateau south of Wenatchee last night. There’s some great intact shrub steppe and amazing views, if you can put up with one of the most terrifyingly steep sand roads in the region. Here’s the first shot, with the bonsai-like thyme-leaf buckwheat (Eriogonum thymoides) in the foreground.

2 responses to “Rock Island Creek

  1. Lovely wildflowers! I haven’t explored this area yet. Being a Northwest resident like myself, we both know how much wonderful, fantastic stuff is out here. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to cover it all in my lfetime. (That includes both Washington and Oregon.)

    • I totally agree Peggy! It seems like my exploration wishlist gets longer, not shorter, every year–and that’s mostly just in the Inland Northwest. Every trip, this one included, requires making tough choices on where to go and where to save for later–but those are pretty enviable “tough” choices 🙂

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