Monthly Archives: May 2012

Bird on a wire

I captured this shot of a bird on a barbed-wire fence at the Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge in northeast Washington. It was a very cooperative subject, holding still for me while I leaned out the car window, with the engine running, to get multiple shots!


Abandoned homestead, Little Pend Oreille National Wildlife Refuge, Stevens County, Washington.

Clackamas Mountain – 3

Another shot from Clackamas Mountain. This one is very similar to the shot I posted yesterday–portrait instead of landscape orientation–but I couldn’t resist sharing!

Clackamas Mountain – 2

Another shot from Clackamas Mountain. One of my favorite photos. One of my favorite places.

Clackamas Mountain

Just got back from a very productive trip to northeast Washington. Snow, ticks and thunderstorms could not keep me from my appointed rounds. This shot is from Clackamas Mountain, possibly my favorite place in the state. The wildflowers are a bit behind this year, but the upside is the balsamroots are still fresh. And I’ll keep photographing them as long as they’ll let me!

Rock Island Creek – 2

One more from the Rock Island Creek area. The yellow flowers are desert yellow daisy (Erigeron linearis).

Rock Island Creek

I checked out the Rock Island Creek area on the Waterville Plateau south of Wenatchee last night. There’s some great intact shrub steppe and amazing views, if you can put up with one of the most terrifyingly steep sand roads in the region. Here’s the first shot, with the bonsai-like thyme-leaf buckwheat (Eriogonum thymoides) in the foreground.