Monthly Archives: February 2012

White-tailed deer

White-tailed deer at dusk, west of Curlew, Washington. 2/23/12.

The Kettle River

Sunset over the Kettle River, west of Curlew in northeast Washington.

Packer Creek, part 2

Another shot from Packer Creek BLM land in the channeled scablands. I had actually packed up my gear and was hustling back to the car when the dusk light briefly lit up this bunchgrass. Another reason to keep shooting until the last color in the sky is absolutely gone.

Packer Creek

After a long run of drab weather, the sun finally came out yesterday. I took advantage of the weather to drive out to the Packer Creek area, a BLM parcel in the channeled scablands of eastern Washington. This area has a spare beauty in the winter, the dark basalt outcroppings contrasting nicely with the golden bunchgrasses and wooly mullein, shown here.